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By the Way Books offer a unique selection of rare, out-of-print and select new books related to mysticism, metaphysics, philosophy, psychology and religion. Their inventory has a particular emphasis on G.I. Gurdjieff and The Fourth Way.

 Chalice Book Store  


The Chalice Book Store offers the works focusing on remembering the inner potential of mankind and the dignity inherent in being a human being.


Recommended Reading

Inner Work I, by Reshad Feild. Chalice Verlag, Zurich 2004.

Tales of the Dervishes, by Idries Shah. Penguin Group, New York 1993.


Reshad Feild on fate and destiny from the lecture "Je ne regrette rien" at Munich, 1 April 2010 (13:24 min)

Reshad Feild on fate and destiny.mp3  (right mouse click and Save Target as... to download)


Tale of the Sands from Idries Shah's Tales of the Dervishes (4:24 min)

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