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 John G. Bennett

"We have to learn to overcome impatience in the Work. We bruise ourselves pretty badly if we try to go faster than God. It is another form of self-will, just as much of an obstacle as laziness – expecting God to do all the work."



John Bennett was trained as an officer in the British Army, and after the end of World War 1, became a military intelligence specialist in the Near East and a gifted linguist. Following his intelligence career, he spent several years living and working in Turkey and Greece and later he became a leader in industrial research in Britain. Throughout his life he came in contact with a wide variety of spiritual teachers, though he acknowledged that G.I. GURDJIEFF was the greatest influence on his life and his greatest teacher. Eventually Bennett himself became a spiritual guide.

Pierre Elliot

"You must constantly remind yourself, that what is 'difficult' today, may be 'impossible' for you in one or two or five or ten years' time. Whatever your age may be, whatever experience you have had in this work, your hope of attaining something real is greater now, than it will be in the future."

Pierre Elliot, the newphew of J.G.Bennett, also worked with both Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, was chosen to head the Claymont Society for Continuous Education. Bennett was convinced that 'psychokinetic' communities needed to be established in the world. His legacy and vision was thence taken up by the senior figures around him, including Pierre. For more than ten years Pierre continued the work of his teachers but he also broadened the scope of influences and invited many extraordinary teachers from other traditions to come and share their wisdom at Claymont. Such luminaries included M R Bawa Muhaiyaddeen, Reshad Field, Sheikh Muzaffer Ozak, and Sheikh Suleyman Loras of the Mevlevi dervish tradition. 

Reshad Feild

"But now let us consider another key to our work together and for the quiet corners of our hearts. ... It is the simplest key of all, and that, once again, is the word breath. If we are not breathing, we are dead! If we are not conscious of the breath, in total gratefulness for the life we have been given, then we are only half awake and, more likely, 'daydreaming' a path through our lives, a path that is filled with fantasies, both ours and others."

USA:           http://www.chalice.net             Europe:          http://chalicealivingschool.net/

Reshad Feild’s journeys have taken him from his native England to the far reaches of India, America and Europe. His life has been a continual search for ever finer dimensions of Truth. Having been touched by the teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff and P.D. Ouspensky, of Tibetan Buddhism and through his meetings with Tibetan Lamas, the Native American Indians, Shamans, as well as masters of the Sufi path.
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