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Free from all of my ordinary fears

posted Jan 12, 2016, 7:35 PM by Jim Turner   [ updated Jan 17, 2016, 12:39 PM ]
January 12, 2016

from Tuesday 8 April March 1986 - George Aide - Originally posted by Joseph Azize 

...“the work is to have the moment, and move beyond it. There is a moment, “now”. It is what it is now partly because of the past. And the future is going to depend upon now. It will be the same as the past has been. But if I can be here now, the future is going to be different. I have to bring myself to the situation. I am in an external situation, but I am not in the one I think I am. What I think of as being the situation is largely erroneous, until I am present. If I am present for a flash I begin to see how things are.”

“There is an awful lot of moral self-punishment and chastising which wrecks our work. If I could only accept that I am as I am largely because of my upbringing. Now I had better do something about this. I have heard something which I think is unquestionably true, and now I am going to try and follow that. With that, a new element can come in. Then all of this has to be digested, because it has its momentum and habit. So as I go on, if I work, these habits are still there, but they’re slowing down, they’re slowing down … and finally they don’t interfere.”

“People do the most horrible things in their family, and outside. If one really saw one’s motives and sees how one behaves about possessions and all sorts of things, one would be quite horrified. But there’s no use saying: “Oh, I’ve been this wicked person!” I haven’t been, I just wasn’t there. But now, because I wasn’t there, I have the responsibility of dealing with the matter. Now I can start to be guilty if I wish, but I will know how to deal with that. So I have a chance. None of these quite terrible things are ever done intentionally. They are done because I am not there. Some automatic arrangement of particles produces that action.”

“If I am there, more or less, I am free from all of my ordinary fears. They are only temporary, in a sort of way. So I am free of that by being there, and the more I am, the more I am free from erroneous thought, and I am free from making absurd deductions and connections. I have a little choice on what I think.”

“My life is very limited, I only gravitate to deal with people I like, while I shun people I don’t know or suspect. So I’ve got this narrow life of people that I think will agree with me or even appreciate me, and I have not time for the others. But as I become more impartial, I find that I can have relation to many people.”

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