"The men of God are like fishes in the ocean;

they pop up into view on the surface here and there and everywhere, as they please."1

Mankind has an unfulfillment - a desire - and we struggle to fulfill it through all kinds of enterprises and ambitions. This unfulfillment is a calling card to oneself - to the sense and significance of one's true purpose.

We may be drawn along on a journey of self discovery; and, with "good fortune", find ourselves at the end of our rope - recognizing we have reached a point where, without further assistance - we remain at a stand still. And so, in our turning, we may be presented an opportunity - be found - and perhaps benefit from the company of caretakers of lamps.

One dark night two men met on a lonely road.

    'I am looking for a shop near here, which is called The Lamp Shop,' said the first man.

    'I happen to live near here, and can direct you to it,' said the second man.

    'I should be able to find it by myself. I have been given the directions, and I have written them down,' said the first man.

    'Then why are you talking to me about it?'

    'Just talking.'

    'So you want company, not directions?'

    'Yes, I suppose that is what it is.'

    'But it would be easier for you to take further directions from a local resident, having got so far: especially because from her onwards it is difficult.'

    'I trust what I've already been told, which has brought me thus far. I cannot be sure that I can trust anything or anyone else.' 
    'So, although you once trusted the original informant, you have not been taught a means of knowing whom you can trust?'

    'That is so.'

    'Have you any other aim?

    'No, just to find the Lamp Shop.'

    'May I ask why you seek a lamp shop?'

    'Because I have been told on the highest authority that that is where they supply certain devices which enable a person to read in the dark.'

    'You are correct, but there is a prerequisite, and also a piece of information. I wonder whether you have given them any thought?'

    'What are they?'

    'The prerequisite to reading by means of a lamp is that you can already read.'

    'You cannot prove that!'

    'Certainly not on a dark night like this.'

    'What is the "Piece of Information"?'

    'The piece of information is that the Lamp Shop is still where it always was, but that the lamps themselves have been moved somewhere else.'

    'I do not know what a "Lamp" is, but it seems obvious to me that the Lamp Shop is the place to locate such a device. That is, after all, why they call it a Lamp Shop.'

    'But a "Lamp Shop" may have two different meanings, each opposed to the other. The meanings are: "A place where lamps may be obtained," and "A place where lamps were once obtained but which now has none".'

    'You cannot prove that!'

    'You would seem like an idiot to many people.'

    'But there are many people who would call you an idiot. Yet perhaps you are not. You probably have an ulterior motive, sending me off to some place where lamps are sold by a friend of yours. Or perhaps you do not want me to have a lamp at all.'

    'I am worse than you think. Instead of promising you "Lamp Shops" and allowing you to assume that you will find the answer to your problems there, I would first of all find out if you could read at all. I would find out if you were near to such a shop. Or whether a lamp might be obtained for you in some other way.'

    The two men looked at each other, and sadly, for a moment. Then each went his way. 2

*       *       *

"Man's possibilities are very great. You cannot conceive even a shadow of what man is capable of attaining. But nothing can be attained in sleep. In the consciousness of a sleeping man his illusions, his 'dreams' are mixed with reality..." - G.I. Gurdjieff 3

"... self-study and self-observation, if rightly conducted, bring(s) man to the realization of the fact that something is wrong with his machine and with his functions in their ordinary state... By observing himself he throws, as it were, a ray of light onto his inner processes which have hitherto worked in complete darkness. And under the influence of this light the processes themselves begin to change. There are a great many chemical processes that can take place only in the absence of light. Exactly in the same way many psychic processes can take place only in the dark. Even a feeble light of consciousness is enough to change completely the character of a process, while it makes many of them altogether impossible. Our inner psychic processes (our inner alchemy) have much in common with those chemical processes in which light changes the character of the process..." - G.I. Gurdjieff 3

*       *       *

"O Lord, make light grow within me and give me light and illuminate me."

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