It’s easy to talk about living consciously, but the question remains: Can we totally commit ourselves to a life of service? Until that commitment is made, we can only talk about what may lie beyond. We have to make the first step, and then the other steps are given, to the extent that we have the courage to face each moment and are completely honest. Honesty is the prerequisite of anyone wishing to understand the nature of the way of love.

The understanding of breath is very important here. We come into this life on the breath and we go out of this life on the breath...

Sacred Rhythm of Breathing

We can choose the quality of air we breathe. That quality is dependent entirely upon our degree of awareness. There has to be a rhythm of breath, because there is a rhythm of the universe. The rhythm I work with is ...a sacred rhythm,7-1-7-1-7, that corresponds to the octave in music. Man is a cosmic apparatus for the transformation of subtle energies (G.I. Gurdjieff). Each of us is a cosmic apparatus for the transformation of subtle energies. That is what we are, a cosmic apparatus, and that is what we have to learn to be, through working with breath...

Through conscious breath we receive the energies that God offers us every moment of our lives. If we do not take breath consciously, it is not surprising that we do not have the energy to make a commitment.

- From Steps to Freedom by Reshad Feild, Threshold Books, 1983.

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